Manifest what you want

Manifestation is not just a wishful thinking or daydreaming. When you trust the process and put little efforts for it to initiate, the law takes you where you want to reach. There are numerous examples where people found success by applying the Law of Attraction. You will also start seeing the magic when you manifest your desires in the right method. The Universe has abundance to offer for anyone who’s willing to ask for it and grab it when universe extends the opportunities. Here are 5 tips to implement the law of attraction and manifest what you want.

1. Be clear on what you really want

Listen to your heart, what do you really want most in your life? Are your desires influenced by what the society wants from you? Are you comparing yourself with neighbours and siblings to set your goals? Let your heart dream what’s right for you, not what society defines as success. By getting past all social constrains and boundaries, once your heart decides what’s best for you, write it down in detail. You can also use vision boards to put all your desires clearly.

Be more specific about your wishes, this is very important for Manifestation to work for. Don’t just say you want to be rich, be specific how much money you need. If good relationship is what your heart desires, list what qualities your partner should have. If good career is what you dream of, list out what exactly you’ll be working on, work culture and atmosphere. Likewise, if you have huge debt and would like to come out of debt very fast, write down how much you owe and when exactly you want to replay that. Meditation may also help you to declutter your mind and think clearly.

2. Pay attention to your Thoughts

Until you experience the magic of manifestation for the first time, you’ll doubt if the law really works. Anyone will also have tons of self-doubts, mental barriers and blocks. Pay close attention to what you’re thinking. Manifestation reap the rewards when you completely trust the process and open yourself to receive the opportunities. Believe that you are worth for what you’re asking for.

When your heart believes that you deserve the results you’re expecting, the Universe starts to respond to you. Self-doubts will only bring you negative results. Visualize as if you have already reached your goal.

3. Let the Universe know what you want

Manifest what you want

Once your heart knows your deepest desire and your mind focus all your thoughts positively on the results, it’s time to let the universe know about it. Now take a deep breath as if you’re inhaling the entire universe and exhaling your desire into the vast space. Take few more deeper breath and send your thoughts with each out breath.

Again, pay attention to your thoughts and don’t ever have any self-doubt or doubt on the Law. Thoughts are energy you’re sending out as signal to Universe. Brain takes 20% of your body’s energy needs. Also, you may know first fundamental law of thermodynamics. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. The output of brain is Thoughts. When you send right signal, you get the right result.

4. Be Patient

Sometimes you get the answer from Universe very fast. Sometimes as surprise, at unexpected time and way. At other times, it has better things in stores to offer you. Just be patient and conscious, the Universe will immediately respond you in some way. Either you’ll get a signal about your Manifestation coming near or it’s around the corner.

When you manifest what you want, let your desire freely go into vast universe. You signal should convey the end result you expect, not how that’s going to come. Don’t demand the Universe in what way it should fulfill your desire, it will find it’s way. Just sit back and relax, let the Universe do the magic.

5. Gratitude

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Gratitude plays an important role in Manifestation. Acknowledging for what you have will bring you more of it. The like attracts the like. Gratitude clears up all the negativity and makes you ready for receiving what Universe has in stores for you. Say thanks to every small signal the Universe sends to you. It may be 11:11 when you look at the wrist watch, or a phone call from your loved ones when you just think about them. The Universe is speaking with you in its own language, which you don’t understand it now completely.

With above 5 tips you’ll be able to interact with the Universe in right method and manifest what you want. Also, the law of attraction works for everyone irrespective of what religion they follow or what part of the world they are in. No discrimination on whatsoever, that’s the reason we call it as Law. Trust it and follow the right approach, greatest blessings is on the way, be open to receive it. Then, share the joy with everyone you know.


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