How to make a Vision Board

“Vision Board“ as the name itself says – the board that will give you a visual representation of desires you want to manifest. It sounds as simple as that. However, you should pay enough attention while creating a vision board for it to be very effective. Here we are going to discuss few key points to keep in mind when you make a vision board for first time.

We discussed about importance of vision boards in our ‘manifestation exercises’ and ‘visualization techniques’ articles. They are one of the simplest and easy to follow techniques for manifesting your desires. To make a perfect vision board, you must invest some valuable time and follow some specific steps. Remember to include every minute detail in it you wish to attract from the universe.

1 Be more specific

You have that long wished dream in your mind. Don’t just merely ask for that desire in one or two words like “rich” or “peace” or ‘good relation’ or “good job” etc. Elaborate about what you wish to manifest. Every minute detail that will completely explain the ultimate goal. Have a clear cut explanation of the dream in your thoughts. Say for example, you wish to have 10 million dollars in your bank account by the end of this year. Or a charming life partner who also supports your aspirations.

2 Collecting essentials

Vision board essentials

Now that you have completely understood what you want in life, think how to express that wish in a board. Whether to write it down as text, include pictures or images, drawing pictures etc. that explain small small description of the dream come true. Collect the essential things like papers, pencils, photos, pictures – it may take some time to gather the perfect things –take your own time to gather those. Once you have understood what you want in your life, Universe will help you to achieve it through any means. So the perfect matching essentials will come to you for designing the Vision board.

Alternatively, you can also have digital vision board. Set your computer’s desktop with your digital version of it. Whenever you switch-on your computer, spend few minute looking at the details you have put on your desktop.

3 Select a convenient area

Do you still remember how you prepared for your school exams? You wanted good results, so you always choose a calm and quiet place to indulge in your studies. Likewise, while making a Vision board, you must choose a peaceful, positive filled area where you can fully immerse in the design process. After gathering all your essential items, find out such a calm place to start the creation of the Vision Board.

4 Let your mind talk

Along with essential things, start the designing process in the calm area. Once again talk with your self about the goal you want to achieve. Think about every small explanation you can give about that dream goal. Use appropriate essentials and start making the vision board. Each line you draw or write or picture you attach must be right from the heart. Keep always in mind that every time you look at it, you must see the future fulfilled dream. Universe will help you to design a wonderful board depicting minute details of the desire coming true. Remember that it is not important for your vision board to be “artistic” but to be “simple complete version of the fulfilled dream”.

5 Noting down the desire in Vision board

Vision board kit

Now that you have successfully designed your Vision board with appropriate images, one more thing is needed to include in the board. Write down a simple description of the desire you wish in a paper. And stick this piece of paper in the board. Read it loud every time you see the board and ask the Universe for the desire to be fulfilled. Now you have completely created the Vision board and you can leave the positive space with a strong belief that Universe will grant your wish.

6 Choosing a right place

Now that you have completed designing your vision board, next step is you find a right place to keep it. “A right place” means it should be a place where your dream vision will reflect on you every time you see it. Read aloud description of the wish or affirmations that you wrote on the board every day. Ask the Universe to serve it for you. You will surely manifest the vision you wished.


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