While talking about Law of Attraction with my friends, some of them asked me if manifestation can help in weight loss.  I know many among us have the same doubt or curiosity about this weight loss technique. The answer is YES…Manifestation will surely help you to loose weight and that too easily.

Are you trying harder to lose weight for a long time, tried diet control, exercises etc. However, you’re still not able to maintain good physical shape and strength. The main ingredient you must be missing in the whole process is affirmations and manifestation. All you have to do is to add these magical ingredients along with the daily routine you are doing. Be positive and believe in the magic of Universe.

Love yourself more

May be your colleagues, friends or even family members may be making fun of your appearance. Behind you, if they’re not dare to do it in front of you. Just ignore all those wordings and their bullying towards you. You know clearly that you don’t have an attractive physique. But you have an amazing inner self. Fill your mind with lots of positivity and love for yourself. You are on your way to appear in a good strong body, all you need now is a positive attitude. This too shall pass. Think positive about whatever you do for bringing the body in your dreamed way. Universe is hearing you.


The main thing that would be keeping you off the road to weight loss may be the stress, anxiety, and tired mind. You tried all the possible way and nothing happened for real. It’s OK to feel low in your mind. But now on, calm your mind and remove all negative thoughts and self-doubts (>>Overcome Self-doubts). We explained in our earlier post, how Meditation will work like a magic tool for manifesting desires. Do meditation everyday as a way to escape from this stress and negative thoughts. Start to think about the positive outcome.

Think as if you lost weight already

Weight Loss Manifestation

As said in earlier post, visualization technique is a good practice to manifest the desires more easily. Every day sit in a calm place and visualize yourself as the person with good physique. Visualize as everyone is saying ‘you are looking wonderful and smart’. Your friends are asking ‘how you lost weight so fast‘, likewise. Do this everyday. Start manifesting your dream body. Universe is hearing your thoughts and it will start fulfilling your desires soon. You can also prepare a vision board in your room.

Write down weight loss affirmations

Along with visualization, you can also write down your weight loss affirmation every day. A simple line in present tense as if you have already achieved your goal of losing weight. ‘I am feeling happy for having a well-structured body; ‘my boyfriend is admiring my new smart appearance’ etc. Writing with whole heart is like talking to your subconscious mind. (Learn more on >>55×5 Manifestation method). When subconscious mind gets this wonderful point, it will start sending messages to the Universe, which is anxiously waiting for your thoughts and it paves the way to make your desire realize more easily. You can also follow 369 manifestation method for weight loss.

Enjoy your meal

You must stick with the dietary control you are already following. However, don’t be too much conscious about choice of food or quantity. Also, always eat your food with whole heartedness and happiness. Believe that it can make your body under control in every bite.

Leave it to the Universe

You have already started asking the Universe for the desire through visualization, vision board (>>How to make a vision board), 369 weight loss manifestation method and affirmations. Remember not to overthink about when and how it will realize, or doubt will the weight loss manifestation really works or not. Don’t fill negative thoughts in your mind. Universe is hearing you and has already working on it. Don’t be too anxious about the outcome. Just believe in the magic of Universe.  


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