Brain, the most wonderful yet mysterious part of our body. Everything we hear, see or think gets visualized in our brain all the time. You may not know this consciously, but while you think, your mind creates pictures of events in the subconscious level. Sometimes you would be unaware about this visualization. These series of images gets recorded in your memory. Also, influences on your actions and thought process. To manifest your wishes you can use these visualization techniques and effectively achieve desired future.

All choices you make are mainly the outcomes of your thoughts. In order to get all you want, your senses and mind should always act in right way. Visualization exercise helps in setting a right goal, increase motivation to achieve it and will constantly remind you about your goal. Learn to use some of these below mentioned Visualization exercises that will surely help you to manifest all your desires and wishes.

Write what you Visualize

Visualization techniques

You have this one goal in mind that you wish to happen. Now think that you have achieved your goal. Visualize what it feels like after reaching that goal. How you will feel if everything goes well and your desire were fulfilled. Visualize that happy moment, you’re celebrating with your loved ones, imagine they are congratulating you. Likewise, think about how life changes for you and people around you after reaching that goal.

Now sit with a notebook in hand and write down all those happenings in your life as much as you can describe in detail. Write them in present tense as if you are experiencing it now around you. Detail every minute things like how you feel in mind and how happy you will be upon reaching the long desired goal. Dedicate few minutes everyday and read through the details you have written.

Surround Yourself with Images

This is one of the widely used visualization techniques to manifest desires and it gets the results real fast. Surround yourself with pictures and affirmation slogans. You can also create a vision board.

Firstly, get some beautiful images that will remind you about your desired wish and how you will feel after reaching it. Secondly, put them in living room, bed room, bathroom, kitchen or any wall you frequently face.

Those images will remind you about your goal whenever you look at them. You will get inspired and motivated every time you see those pictures. Also, it will encourage you to take small steps towards your goals.

Visualize talking with someone

As you know, sharing your happiness with someone else will multiply your happiness. This visualization technique is again imagining telling someone how you feel after reaching your desired goal. Look into the future time, where you have got all you wanted and you are living your dreamt life.

A friend you met on the way is asking how your life is going, for instance. Play out that situation telling your friend the wonderful experiences happened in your life. The peaceful, joy filled outcomes it has brought. Tell them as much in detail as possible about how you feel after achieving all that you wanted.

This imaginary conversation will bring your desires come true in right way and at right time. Eventually, one day you will be definitely explaining in real life about those wonderful experiences. That’s how the manifestation works magically.

Act as if already attained Your Goal

Visualization techniques

Imagine that you have already reached your goal. Now start acting like you have received all that you wanted in your Life. Your perception to the world will change when your behavior changes. Performing this visualization technique by how you look, speak to others will change their perception towards you and eventually changes the world around you. Day by day you will be close to your desires and will get what you want in life. You will meet your Future YOU, by acting the way you’ll act when you have reached your goal.

Above visualization techniques to manifest desires helps in setting right mindset. Your mind will be very clear on what you want and the universe knows how to fulfill those. Once your mind is clear with the desired goals, it works in subconscious level and all your actions gets aligned to get you there.


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