55x5 Method Manifestation
55×5 Method Manifestation

What if I told you writing your affirmation 55 times for 5 consecutive days can bring miracles in your life. Is it hard to do? Still many people will tell ‘Oh God 55 times writing, it’s so boring’. But, believe me it is a life changing decision you will be taking. A strong belief even our ancestors who knew about manifestation had and followed this same 55×5 method to manifest their desires.

You want any desires to come true within few days. Then this technique is for you. Within 5 days your desires will become real. Each affirmation you have in your mind is having a certain vibration. Send out this vibration to the Universe and the Universe will make it happen for sure in next five days.

Your goal may be to have a successful career, financial abundance, good relationship, weight loss, come out of debt or find love of life or any other dreams. All it takes is 5 simple steps to make this method work for you. First, let’s talk about the “how to do it?”.

1. Find A Right Space:

Select a space to do the 55×5 manifestation. A peaceful and mind fulfilling space as for a meditation. Daily you can do the writing in this area.

2. Affirmation / Desires:

Next, you have so many desires or affirmations to be fulfilled. Select the most important one from them as you can do only one at a time. Just make this desire explanation as small as possible and in a writable form. It should be in present tense and also as if it is fulfilled and don’t forget to fill some gratitude if possible. Like for example, ‘Thank you for the new car’, ‘I am so happy with the new life partner’, ‘I am having a happy and prosperous life with the money I got this month’ like wise.

3. Transferring it to a paper:

Now it is time to write down the desire and start asking the Universe. All you need is a paper and pen. A paper and pen for sure, and not a digital device please. Sit down and start writing the desire in the paper with pen. With all your mind and body focused on the desire only. Let the vibration in your soul enter the paper through the pen and from the paper to the Universe. Write the desire 55 times continuously.

4. Let Go:

Don’t overthink about your 55×5 manifestation of desire all the time. Just fill you mind with gratitude, go with the flow and do your daily activities. Think about it with full attention only when you sit for writing them again on the next day.

5. Repetition of 55×5 Manifestation:

Now that you have started the process, do the writing technique for consecutive 5 days, with the same mindfulness, gratitude and vibration. If you break this ritual for a day due to any reason, start it again from scratch. It is only five days long.

Hope you understood now “how to do it”. Then let us look at “how the 555 or 55×5 method works?”

The miracle number 555

As we discussed in our repeating magic numbers article, “The repeating number 555 are promising you that a happy, mind fulfilling thing / event is going to occur in your life”. Likewise in this 55 x 5 manifestation method you are repeating a desire or an affirmation 55 times continuously and asking the Universe for 5 sequential days. The Universe will hear the vibrations and respond quickly by fulfilling your desires.

When I say vibrations, it is coming right from your subconscious mind. 55 x 5 repetitions have something to do with the subconscious level of our mind. Whatever you think is straight away going to the subconscious mind. Whether it’s positive or negative thoughts you are filling there, the mind vibrations come out and ask Universe the same. So when you write down something with your entire mind focused on, the subconscious mind is recording it and directly asking Universe. Hence, certainly manifestation or Law of attraction starts working; as you subconscious mind truly believe in what’s being asked is already achieved.

Now let’s talk about some doubts you may be having right now after reading the process:

Do I need a Dedicated Space to write 55×5 affirmations?

If you are not a frequent traveller you can definitely chose a dedicated space in your home or office. But if you constantly travel and can’t find a same place every day, it’s okay to sit at any comfortable place. Only remember wherever you choose to sit and write, your mind should be focused only on the desire you are writing down.

Can I Write Multiple Affirmations at a Time?

Please stick with one affirmation / desire at a time. That is good for the best results, as your mind will concentrate only on the said affirmation. Writing more than one desire will not give you fulfilment of any of them. Start writing the most wanted desire first, then the next after the first one gets fulfilled, and then the other. Once your desire starts fulfilling in 5 days or less, you will develop a strong belief that 55×5 method really works like charm.

Should I use only Paper and Pen?

Absolutely, paper and pen is the best way you can transfer the real meaningful desire in to visual explanation. While writing down each word you just fully immerse into it, which in turn will help you in faster manifestation. And as I said earlier if you are a traveller or someone not clinched to one place itself, if and only if a digital gadget is more convenient to you, of course you can type the desire / affirmation.

Should I just continue from where it broke?

For the manifestation to work properly it is essential to repeat the writing 55 times for 5 consecutive days itself. If you forgot to write one day or didn’t get time to write, start from day 1. Only then your subconscious mind will forge the affirmation as your greatest desire.

What’s the Best Time of Practice 55×5 Method?

The best time to do 55 x 5 manifestation method is the favourite time you like. The time you may feel right for you. However, try to do at the same time every day. I like to suggest before going to bed at night could be a good time to put your desire into a paper, as it will stay with your subconscious mind while in sleep till you get up. This will ensure higher success rate and can bring much faster results.

To conclude on 55×5 method, it is known to be one of the best and simple methods that are helping realize dream goals. Next to visualization technique, this one is practiced by majority of successful people who know about the Law of Attraction and its magic. Meditation manifestation works for some people, visualization works like charm for some people, and some of our readers say listening to sacred sound frequencies works great for them. The success rate of any of these methods depends on how much they believe in that technique and how much sincere effort they put. This method surely will not cost a dime, give it a try and see if this is the right one for you. I will be waiting for you to comeback to this page and share your success story in comments section.


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