Are you seeing some catchy numbers repeatedly while looking wall-clock, wrist watch, vehicle number plates or while reading? Have you noticed some magic happening in your life after seeing those numbers? I hope at least by now you’re aware of or heard of ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Manifestation’. Every number that you see repeatedly has its own vibration and a unique message for you about what is happening or going to happen in your life. These numbers you see over-and-over are also known as Angel numbers. Each of these repeating numbers has got specific meaning that the universe wants to convey to you.

Repeating Numbers
repeating numbers 1111

The Universe or the Higher Intelligence or The God or The Nature Power, whatever you may want to call it, can’t speak the language we speak. Therefore, it can only convey or communicate in terms of signs and signals. Repeated numbers are one such way it is giving you some indications on the path you’re in now. Let us decode some of these magical numbers.

Repeating 1111:

Here comes the most common set of numbers that many people keep seeing and wonder what it is and ask themselves why I am seeing this again and again, everywhere. All these below mentioned magical angel numbers like 000, 111, 222, 333, and so on, starts unfolding after you first start seeing the repeating 1111.

This happened with me as well. I started seeing repeating number 1111 in billboards, vehicle number plates, and phone numbers and in some random locations. My initial thought about it was ‘what the heck with these superstitious people’. However, it was not very late the 11:11 started appearing on my digital wrist watch, on computer system tray clock, on my mobile and many other places.

It became so strange and baffling experience when I started noticing this number on someone’s last online time, someone’s message delivered time on my phone. My search for finding the meaning of this number and the reason I am seeing 1111 everywhere started that time.

The number signified synchronicity with self and Universe is in its highest level. Then the magic number 1111 will appear in front of your eyes all the time, when you’re getting on to the alignment with the Universe. It indicates you’re on right path and you’ll start manifesting all that you desire. For most people, it will be start of their Spiritual journey, the Soul’s path that takes them to their destiny.

You are already lined up with the universe and walking towards the fulfillment of desires truly asked for.  You will receive infinite positive support from surroundings or as some people may call it guiding Angels, helping you to achieve your dreams.

Repeating 000:

This manifesting magic number indicates a new start in your life events. If you’re seeing 000 repeatedly, you have just passed through a rough patch of time and a fresh breeze is coming on your way. Always stay fearless and be ready to accept the long awaited positive changes that universe is going to bring into your life.

Repeating 111:

Repeatedly seeing this unique number is to tell you that the Universe is hearing all your thoughts. It is time to start thinking and feel about long desired wishes in elaborated way and wait for manifestation to act on making those dreams real. Secondly, remember to fill lots of positivity in your thoughts. Prosperity is on the way.

Repeating 222:

You may be always worrying about how your future will be and will everything be ok in future. That is the reason you are seeing this number always. It is reminding you to wash away all the worries you have about your future. Also to focus clearly on the positive outcome of dreams you are manifesting.

Repeating 333:

It’s time to get equilibrium with Mind, Body and Spirit. Guiding Angels are around you to support. Now it’s your turn to get these three dimensions aligned to receive their support. Are you feeling lethargic sometimes, feeling stressed or you’re confused about your soul’s path? It’s time to act and get them on track.

Repeating 444:

This number wants to remind you that there is lots of Positivity all around you. Also, it is high time you focus on them and neglect the unnecessary time killing thoughts. It’s time to overcome your limiting beliefs and stay positive and confident.

Repeating 555:

The repeating numbers 555 are promising you that a happy, mind fulfilling thing/event is going to occur in your life. Start vacating all the old unnecessary haunting things from your mind, make mind space clean and clear and wait for positive things to enter your mind.

Repeating 666:

Are you feeling that you are diverged from the right path? Also, if you start seeing this magic number repeating everywhere, then it is true. You are going in the opposite direction and that too severely clinched onto unwanted things. Time to change the route and look into your soul. Accept the good peaceful changes. Also, practice mediation or listen to magical sound frequencies that clear all blockages and set you again on right path.

Repeating 777:

This magic repeating number is delivering the message from the Universe that you are going to welcome abundance in your life. Not just money and wealth, you’re going to have the level of health you never had, stronger mind and body, well bonded relation and much more. If you are seeing 777 frequently, all materialistic ‘Luck’ is about to strike you.

Repeating 888:

Money, money and some more money, you are going to attract and manifest lots of money in to your life. The repeating 888 signifies the Universe is going to send you soon all the money you desired. But, don’t be greedy. Also, once you start experiencing Law of Attraction you will start loosing interest on all these materialistic things.

Repeating 999:

Repeatedly eyes catching this number 999? It is telling you again and again that the short journey of events now occurring in your life is completing or going to finish. New chapter of your life journey with lots of positivity is going to fill your life.  It’s time to wrap up the things that are bogging your life, and manifest positive thoughts undoubtedly and clearly.

To Summarize on Repeating Numbers

Nothing happens for ‘No’ reason. Sometimes you may think all these are superstitious beliefs or mere co-incidences. However, you will start seeing these numbers more often, strange enough to raise your curiosity. At that stage, you realize it is something more than just a co-incidence. You’re reading this post, not by an accident; now you clearly understand that there is something strange how and why these are happening with you and you reached here in search of the answer.

The new age science is just a decade year old or so. It has not got answers to all the questions mankind have. Neither knows what else is there beyond these known questions. It is time to Believe in the magic of Universe. There is a reason why these repeating numbers are appearing frequently. They are telling you that it is time to be more specific and clear about what you really want in your life. So, have an open mind to receive more information; the universal secret will unfold in front of you. Be ready to embrace the Magic, this will be a turning point for your life.


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