Are you are self-doubting your abilities? Then you must know that unless you overcome them, you’ll not be able to get what you want. Your self-doubts are limiting you from reaching where you want to reach in life. It is restricting you from doing what your heart wants you to do. One who doesn’t possess necessary confidence, can never achieve anything in life. Here are 6 killer thoughts to overcome self-doubts and get what you want in life.

As said by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Your mindset has power to determine the final outcomes of your actions.

Overcome Self-Doubts and Get what you want in life

What you think determines how you perceive any situation, how you respond to it and decisions you make. If your thoughts are optimistic and positive, your actions aligns with those thoughts. Also, you will take decisions that reflect you beliefs and eventually produce a positive outcome. Likewise, if you have self-doubt and your thoughts are skeptical and negative, certainly the decisions you take will lead to a negative outcome. Above words from Henry Ford summarizes it very clearly.

This emphasizes, thoughts become reality. We have to be very conscious of our thoughts and always ensure they are optimistic and positive. Therefore, we can manifest what we want in our lives. Here are 6 thoughts outlined that helps you to overcome self-doubts, be optimistic and get what you want in life.

1. “I Want This”

First and foremost, are you clear about ‘what’ you want? Pick a pen and paper, scribe it out. It could be financial freedom, better job, loving relationship or anything. Writing it down in detail will make it even more clearer and free from any mental jitters. It’s important to know with clarity what you want, this puts you in right frame of mind and manifest you desires.

Additionally, it is also important to clearly know ‘why’ you want ‘what’ you want. You may come across many hurdles, challenges and roadblocks on your ways, the ‘why’ factor will keep you motivated along the way. You will stay committed no matter what, if your ‘why’ is stronger. If the ‘why’ is not strong enough, you ‘what’ keeps changing before even achieving them.

2. “Yes, This Is Possible”

overcome self-doubts

If you have a slight doubt if your goal is realistic or not, chances of getting it done becomes even more tougher. You have to have complete faith that what you want is realistic and possible get it. As mentioned earlier, you beliefs has strong influence on your actions and how you respond to any situation. Your decisions will get influenced if you are skeptical about likelihood of reaching your goal, and eventually you fail to get it. On the other hand, if your beliefs are stronger than your doubts, the likelihood of reaching your goal increases.

3. “I am Capable of getting what I want”

The next step is trusting your own capabilities. Nothing comes to just by day dreaming, you need to manifest your wants in a right way and grab the opportunity when it knocks. Everyone doesn’t possess all the capabilities, however you should be confident that you’ll run the extra mile even needed. We are all born with limited capabilities. However, anyone can learn new skills and acquire knowledge. Self-doubts limits your learning speed and motivation. You must strongly believe that you’re going get what you want, whatever challenges it may come and whatever it takes you to get there.

4. “Yes, I am Deserving it”

Another main obstacle between you and your goal is feelings of unworthiness. Many people think they are not worth of their dreams. They think they are not worth of getting a high paying job, a leadership job profile, having a great spouse or having healthy and fit body.
If you have underlying belief that you’re not worthy of getting want you want, you will subconsciously take wrong decisions. Stop self-sabotaging and trust you deserve what you’re manifesting. Also practice Visualization Techniques to boost your confidante.

5. “It’s Okay to Fail Because I Can Learn From It”

People often don’t take any action due to fear of getting failed. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you. It’s worth taking steps and learning from failures than not taking any action. Look around, whoever achieved something in life are the ones who took the risk. When you take action you will have two outcomes, either successes or failure. But when you don’t take any action, result is certainly failure. Wise people know this very clearly. Overcome self-doubts and your fear of failure and take actions to get what you want.

6. “It’s Not the End of the World If I Don’t Get It”

get what you want

We always would like to get whatever we desire for. However it won’t manifest all the times. It’s okay if sometimes goals are missed, it gives good experience and learning. Instead of getting a pessimistic view on failure take a deeper look at what went wrong. Look at how to give another attempt and take care of earlier shortfalls. Don’t allow your self-doubts to takeover your confidence and positive attitude.

Blessings comes in disguise. When universe denied you something, think that’s for your own good. Jack Ma started his own multi-billion business after being denied multiple times from jobs he applied for. There are many such examples where denials has put people in position to receive something better. You may be deserving much better than what you wanted. When you overcome self-doubts and change the way you think, no external force will stop you to have the life you want.

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