Meditation Manifestation

Few years back I used to be very arrogant, messy, anxious and lazy and there was lot of inner noise making me disturbed most of the time. It was the time I got introduced to the terms ‘Manifestation’ and ‘Law of Attraction’. I read few books related to the subject and listen to few celebrities talking about how it helped them. I too gave few attempts to visualize & manifest my desires at that time. However, none of the things I wished was manifesting properly. I became more depressed about why it is not happening correctly with me. Then some good friend came into my life and introduced me to the amazing thing called “Meditation” thereby helping me in manifestation of my desires in a correct easy way.

What I learnt is that – A quiet, clear and peaceful mind is the most essential thing we need in order to manifest our desires. So the most important tool you must have before starting manifestation process is “Meditation”. We all know Meditation helps us in a miraculous way to reduce stress, keep us calm, more focused and sharp. And, the truth is that you need this calm and clutter free mind to command The Universe to fulfil your desires.

Meditation – A simple explanation:

Meditation is a way to move more close towards inner self and universe. It helps us to know more about our inner strength and develop a clear, peaceful and focused mind. It may sometimes also reveal what’s your soul’s path. We can meditate in numerous ways. Ideally, thinking ‘nothing’ and focusing only on your natural breathing pattern. If that looks difficult, just stay calm with eyes closed or think about something beautiful, or say some mantras repeatedly that will make you calm, hear binaural music, look into inner self and breathe deeply, you can do any of these. The goal is to tame the jumping monkey and make it focus on only one thing.

How meditation helps in manifestation of your desires?

Start manifestation with the help of meditation and abundance will start flowing towards you.

Positive inner energy vibrations:

Manifestation is all about your energy, the positive vibrations you start sending to the universe will be heard and desires will be fulfilled as you wished. As said earlier – a clear and peaceful mind is the key for manifesting the desires. The more quiet and focused mind you have, the more you can ask for to the universe positively, the more abundance of love, wealth, health or anything you desire will be appealed to you.  Also to hear what the Universe is telling us through repeating numbers, signs, and coincidences, a well maintained focused inner vibration is needed. Meditation will help you to clear away any negative thoughts, unwanted self-talk, annoying behaviors, and self-doubts, and increase your energy vibrations to a much higher level.

Filling positivity in your thoughts and life:

When we meditate, it makes us emotionally, physically and spiritually connected to a specific route where everything makes a sense and more positive. It is as simple as this – Feel happy, spread happiness and receives bundles of happiness. You will get a new outlook of your life and manage every situation in your life whether stressful or more happiness, in a nonaligned way.

Boosts Gratitude: 

When we are low in our energy and mindfulness, there will surely be lack of gratitude in our life. You will be just complaining about silly matters occurring each time and will forget to appreciate the life and things around us. Gratitude has an important role in manifestation process. The more you appreciate and acknowledge the small things in your life; it will bring more abundance to your life. Meditation helps to fill gratitude and love in your life thereby paving an easy way for manifesting your desires.

Improves your focus, creativity and dreams:

Without clarity and focus, you will never know what and how to manifest the dreams. In fact, you will never know what really your dreams are, what matters to you the most. Daily meditation will clear the clutter in your mind and creates space for creativity. Also, it will improve clarity of thoughts on how to manifest your desires and build a strong belief in your mind that ‘Universe is hearing my feelings and thoughts and I am going to receive abundance very quickly’.

Tips on Meditatation and Manifestation of dreams:

Let’s talk about how to do meditation and easily attract manifestation of abundance in any form – love, happiness, wealth, better job or opportunities in the good environment. Remember that it is not easy to do meditation effortlessly nor it is a tough way that you can’t achieve quickly. All you need to do is stop the buzz in the mind, stop self-talks, stop it from jumping between past and future.

Firstly, believe in yourself. It takes some time for anyone to master the meditation in the right way. And it is worthwhile that you continue and achieve the end result. Start with few seconds at first and then increase the meditation time as you like. It may look very simple when I say few seconds, just try yourself not to think of ‘Anything’ for next 15 seconds!

Here are few simple steps to help you with practicing meditation and making it as your habit.

Find a space to Meditate:

Meditation needs a dedicated space that you think is peaceful and best for your practice. It can be a quieter space or an open space with lots of breathable fresh air. Set up a meditation area where you can practice on a regular basis, without any external disturbances. Try it in nearby garden or a park, if you find it very distracting you can sit for meditation in your bed room itself.

Relax your mind:

Sitting in the space, relax your mind – just don’t think about anything in your life happy or sad. Take few deeper breaths. Think about this, you’re going to die one day for sure, you don’t have anything to gain or anything to loose. Therefore, there is nothing went wrong in past and nothing there to plan for future. 

Focus on something:

Best thing is to not think about anything. If that feels hard to you, then you can choose something to focus on. It can be an object or even your breath. You can also focus on your Agna chakra or location between your eyes.  Also you can hear some mantras or relaxation music with eyes closed. Just focus only on that and feel yourself deeply.

Fill your mind with gratitude:

Feel immense gratitude to everything you have in your life. Show gratitude towards yourself or other person who helped you to reach where you’re today. Gratitude alone can help in manifestation of your desires. However, meditation will help you to boost the effects of feelings of gratitude and brings the abundance in much faster phase.

Repeat everyday:

Meditation is known to be one of the best of methods manifestation exercises. Don’t forget to repeat meditation daily. It will become a habit if you fix a scheduled time every day and fix up a location to mediate. Starting seems to be very difficult, but surely you can reach the end with easiness. Surely, after few days you will feel a part of yourself is missing, if you skip a day of mediation due to travel or any other reason.

What you need the most is a clear and calmer mind. When you have it, it will work as an antenna and tune with the Universe. You will be in sync with the nature and start attracting miracles in to your life. You can manifest all your desires in a proper way and start realizing them. Since thousands of years, Mediation is proved to be the best known tool to get a clear and calmer mind. When you start practicing meditation, within few weeks’ time you can experience manifestation is much easier to realize.


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