Why the Law of Attraction is not working for you

It is very common that when most people first time hear or read about how the Law of Attraction works, they think, “Hey.. That sounds very easy! I can do that and Manifest my dreams!”. Same thing happened with some of my close friends too. They started implementing some of the Manifestation exercises and techniques on something they wanted for long. After few weeks they came back with a “question why the Law of Attraction is not working for me?”. Few of them also told it’s all bogus.

I could clearly understand their frustrations, and some of you who haven’t got any results. Why didn’t the Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques work for them? And not working for you? Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why the Law of Attraction could not realize.

Possible Reasons why the Law of Attraction is not working for you

1. Focused on what you don’t have.

When you practice the Law of Attraction, on the Universe will work towards manifesting what you focus on. Thoughts are energy fields, and you can generate two types of energy field for any goals you dream about. Either you think about how much you want it to happen, or think about the very fact you currently don’t possess it.

Say for example, your goal is to get your dream job with high pay checks and low stress. You either can keep thinking about how fulfilling the future job will be, or how your current job is sucked and you badly need a change.

If you’re focused on the deficits (not currently having your dream job), then you will attract more of it. The LOA is still working for you; however, you’re not driving it in a right direction. It is very important on what you focus when it comes to LOA. Let go all your shortfalls and focus only on what you want to achieve.

2. Visualizing in wrong way.

Visualization is one of the most commonly used manifestation exercise. In this technic you’re asked to visualize what you want and how you’ll be celebrating or experiencing when you achieve your goals. But many people, who are not clear about this exercise, tend to visualize more on how other people will be reacting to their achievements.

Though you need to visualize as people are reacting to your achievement, it should be more as how you’re feeling about their reactions.

3. You’re asking for wrong things.

Your wish must be ‘YOUR’ wish. You must not be looking towards your parents, siblings or neighbors to know what your life’s achievements should be. Listen to your heart before setting your wishes, what exact is important to you. The Law of Attraction works for you if your goals are crystal clear on your mind. Your goals could be influenced by the society but you should clearly know what is driving you.

Say for example, you wish to own an expensive car because of the comfort it offers while driving or the social status it brings it. Your goals should not be like, your friend bought a new expensive car and you too want to have one. On a subconscious level your mind thinks you’re not worth of such achievement and the universe just works exactly as your mind thinks.

4. Worried about wrong things.

When you have a clear goal and proper manifestation technique, you should just focus on the results it will bring. People often worry too much on how the universe is going to fulfil their dreams. They will spend too much time and energy in thinking when it is going to happen, how it is going to unfold, how the process works etc.

Don’t worry too much about when and how the manifestation is going to realize; just believe that is the universe is working towards it.

5. You have limiting beliefs.

You doubt your own worth. Don’t let your self-doubt holding you back from manifesting your goals. When you have slightest doubt that you deserve the goal you’re trying to achieve, you’re moving away from it. Negative thoughts bring more negative outcomes, you should trust in your capabilities and your self-worth.

The Law of Attraction works for you when your mind and heart are aligned. Have it clearly in mind the goal is achievable, you’re capable of getting it and you deserve it. Then guess what? You will attract it soon! The universe will start throwing you enough opportunities to grab. Overcome your self-doubts and get what you want in life.

6. You are just daydreaming.

Why the Law of Attraction is not working for me

If you’re practicing Law of Attraction you must first understand that manifestation is not just daydreaming. Nothing happens if you don’t put any efforts. When you apply the manifestation exercises, the universe will only bring you more opportunities, make you meet right people etc. It’s YOU, who have to take these opportunities and convert them to achievements.

You must make yourself ready to jump and grab the opportunities and engage with the possibilities that the universe is bringing to you. The Law of attraction works for you when you tap on these opportunities.

Final thoughts

Why the Law of Attraction is not working for you

If Law of Attraction is not working for you, may be one or the other of above reasons may be holding you back. Introspect which of the above point is true for your manifestation not to work. Manifestation works like a charm when you clearly understand the limiting factors and positively focus on right things. There are enough examples and evidences you find from the successful people around you. Also, you will start believing in the Law of Attraction as you experience it for the first time. Just follow the right process and exercises and see the magic unfolding. It works for every one and also works for you too, that’s the reason it is called as ‘Law’ and not a hypothesis or philosophy.


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